Best wall colors for your bedroom

In this month’s list, we’ve gathered some fantastic wall paint inspiration for your bedroom. What looks best, and what shades make us sleep better? Midnatt’s customers have all the answers.

A well-steamed campaign

We’ve had the great pleasure of being interpreted by newly graduated photographer Kajsa Svensson and stylist Julia Losciale.

Best DIY headboards

Building a headboard is one of the easiest DIY projects you can take on. Here are the best tips and ideas for headboards you make yourself with fabric, wood, and paint.

Best bedside lamps

We wanted to help you find the most beautiful bedside lamps for your bedroom. So we turned to our customers for inspiration.

Emelie Sundberg

Photographer, stylist and podcaster Emelie Sundberg might not be a morning person, but she sure knows how to create a cozy vibe.

Mimmi Staaf

We got to know Mimmi Staaf years ago when she ran her own interior store and upholstery shop in Midsommarkransen. Recently she, her husband Joakim, and their son […]

Gabriella Skog

When Gabriella Skog isn’t practicing her profession as a geologist, she generously shares her food and drinks interest with her followers on social media…

Kristina Murray

Digital genius and Midnatt’s web manager Kristina Murray is truly a vital key player in our handpicked team. This site would be nothing without her! While inviting our selves over for an…

What to do when staying at home

Spending more time at home calls for distraction. When social distancing keeps us from gathering in real life we have to bring the cultural events…

Midnatt styled by Emelie Sundberg

We love to see our bedding in its right habitat, and we always aim to create true inspiration and honest content. What could be more honest than a campaign in a real home…

Emma Elwin

Emma Elwin is the Swedish stylist who has become the face of sustainable fashion and lifestyle in Scandinavia. Thanks to her blog and platform Make it last she […]

Micis & Clara – Part I

He’s a sous-chef at one of Sweden’s most recognised restaurants and all Stockholmers most wanted dining room, Sturehof. She’s a creative food nerd, writer and SEO expert…

Maja Säfström

Architect-went-full-time-illustrator Maja Säfström and her partner Daniel Widman live with their two kids in an old falu-red apartment building in…

Anna Axelsson

The owner of Stockholm’s most trend-setting breakfast spot has cookbooks on her nightstand, feels spoiled when she gets a chance to lie in and starts the day with…

Emilia Ilke

Artist Emilia Ilke sleeps in black. If she’s not too inspired to fall asleep, that is. A state of mind that can only be cured by playing Dr. Mario inside her own head…

Anna Axelsson

There are a lot of great spots for Instagram friendly breakfast plates around Stockholm but we all know who’s the trending queen mother of them all…

Nina Kullberg

Skilled designer and self-proclaimed anglophile Nina Kullberg has pure elegance running through her veins. The handcrafted cushions and fine wool throws that she makes are…

Lisa Wikander

French poets, silky blouses and tailored wool. Add some Scandinavian simplicity, et voilá: you have Lisa Wikander and her fashion label Mes Dames. In between finishing her new […]

Jonna Flordal

On her nightstand: a book she doesn’t get to read. And her version of counting sheep? Swedish national radio P1. Architect Jonna Flordal and her husband Nisse live […]

On set with Midnatt Mini 2017

”We gathered the cutest group of rascals to help us capture the essence of our kids label Midnatt Mini.” You know that our soft organic bed sets are […]

Midnatt Autumn Campaign 2017

”When planning Midnatt’s first collection shoot we obviously called her up immediately.” We’ve always admired the arty pictures created by Stockholm based stylist Josefin Hååg. Not least her […]