About Midnatt

A fresh take on soft trends

Midnatt is a Swedish brand offering home textiles in crisp organic cotton for both children and adults. A washed-out favorite shirt and a duvet cover that’s been used for several generations at a family summer house inspired our collection.

Our ambition is always to give your home a contemporary look where you can combine colors and patterns just the way you want. Colored sheets and pillowcases are sold separately to make it easy for you to complete and update your bed with what you already have. Our range is growing organically, and the latest addition to our Midnatt family is our fantastic waffled bath sheets and hand towels.

Our stone-washed finish gives our products a beautiful structure with preserved softness – That our cotton is organic is a natural starting point for us.

Est. 2017

Our story

Stockholm-based Midnatt founders, Josephine Blix and Louisa Hammarbäck, go way back as work soulmates and creative duo. Their journalistic backgrounds and a joint interest in aesthetics gave them many exciting years in the Swedish interior magazine world.

Somewhere between contemporary reports, colors and shapes, the idea to create a brand with a fresh take on soft trends appeared. Along came Midnatt, conscious bedding at friendly prices for all kinds of dreamy spaces.


Conscious bedding for sweeter dreams

Our bedding is made to be comfortable, beautiful to look at, and of course, sustainably produced. Based on that motto, we have navigated since start also setting the framework for all new products, such as our kitchen and bathroom products. 

In 2022, some crucial pieces fell into place for the fully certified product we always dreamed of offering you. You can read more about that trip below.


We have our production in Tamil Nadu in, India, where textile production and cotton cultivation take place close to each other. We work with a small family-owned sewing factory where the new generation is leading their transition into GOTS-certified production. They source the fabric and dyeing from local producers, all GOTS-certified. We then transport all products to Europe by sea. Since the cotton and fabric are produced in the same area as the rest of our production, transportation is kept to a minimum.

Organic cotton

Since our launch in 2017, Midnatt has used GOTS-certified organic cotton in all products, with the exception of our latest drop; a collection made of recycled cotton. Since 2021, the entire production chain has also been GOTS-certified. The last link was for our small office in Stockholm to become certified wich is now a check in the box. We can now put a GOTS label on all new products.

GOTS and social sustainability

As a small player, it has been essential to lean on an independent third party that is responsible for review and quality control. GOTS, or Global Organic Textile Standard, is the leading player in the certification of organic fibers, so our goal have always been to have all our products GOTS-certified. We like that GOTS not only includes the ecological aspects of production but also social, that is, working conditions within production.

Recycled cotton

In India, the factories sell their cotton waste to local actors who sort the material and resell the cotton to state-owned recycling facilities that create “new” raw material from cotton. Even collected, used cotton products are recycled. Our Indian factory buys ready-made yarn from recycled cotton, which we have woven into fabric.

Recycled cotton should be distinct from organic cotton, as the raw material is a mix of different types of cotton. There’s a high probability that a majority can be conventionally grown. The environmental benefit is that we can create new fabric without growing new cotton.