Size Guide

Queen, king, single, double, inches and centimeters… Talking about standard measurements in terms of bedlinen can be quite confusing. Every country seems to have its own interpretation of the classic bed and its clothing. Since Midnatt is a Swedish label, the measurements in our first collection were adapted for Swedish bed sizes. But we want to include every sleepy head in our Midnatt universe. Therefore we’ve topped up our assortment with several sizes of duvet covers, pillow cases and sheets that fit most European countries and constantly working on developing our range. In this guide we’ll take you through our different sizes to help you choose your perfect bedding.

Fitted sheets

Midnatt’s fitted sheets are all adapted to fit beds and mattresses that are 200 centimeters long, but the widths vary from 90 centimeters to 180. These sheets have elastic edging and approximately 35 cm extra fabric all around as a margin to fold in underneath to make the sheet fit your mattress perfectly. In other words, when it comes to choosing fitted sheets you basically just pick the one that has the same measurements as your bed. We sell six different sizes of fitted sheets:

90 cm200 cm35 cm
105 cm200 cm35 cm
120 cm200 cm35 cm
140 cm200 cm35 cm
160 cm200 cm35 cm
180 cm200 cm35 cm

Flat sheets

We also have an extra big flat sheet that is versatile and fits several mattresses. It measures 260×260 cm and is suited for 180-210 cm wide beds. Unlike our biggest fitted sheet, this one also fits extended king size beds. We also have a small flat sheet in our assortment that’s suitable for cots, strollers and cribs. This sheet is 90 cm wide and 150 cm long. 

Adult flat sheet260 cm260 cm
Baby flat sheet90 cm150 cm

Duvet covers

When we’re talking about duvet covers it gets a bit more complicated. Different countries have various measurements for duvets, even for the same sized mattresses. Take a look in the chart below to see what might fit your duvet the best. Midnatt offer duvet covers in sizes 140×200, 150×200, 200×200 and 240×220.

Single duvet140 cm200 cm
Single duvet 150 cm200 cm
Double duvet 200 cm200 cm
Double duvet 240 cm220 cm

Pillow cases

Regarding pillow cases we add an extra aspect that makes it even more difficult. Apart from different regions ”standards” you also add personal choice to the mix. What do you prefer? Small pillows? Extra long? Squared or rectangular? We’ve boiled our current assortment down to eight different sizes. Keep reading this guide and you will find which size is most common in your country. Midnatt’s pillow cases are as follows:

50×60 cm
50×70 cm
60×63 cm
65×65 cm
60×70 cm
40×80 cm
80×80 cm
50×90 cm

Kids bedding

With our range of bedding for the small ones, you can match the children’s bedding with your own. We call this line Midnatt Mini and it offers duvet covers, pillow cases and a flat sheet for cot, cribs and prams. Duvet covers and pillow cases are sold in sets and the flat sheet is versatile and measures 90×150 cm but is suitable for everything from tiny cots and strollers to toddler cribs depending on how much of the fabric you tuck under the mattress.

Kids setsDuvet coverPillow case
Cot (Swedish standard)70×80 cm28×35 cm
Crib (Swedish standard)110×125 cm35×55 cm
Crib (Danish standard)100×140 cm40×45 cm

Bedding sizes in Europe

For most European countries we have your bedding size covered. Below you find a size chart:

150×200 / 220×240 / 50×60

140×200 / 200×200 / 220×240 / 80×80 / 40×80

150×200 / 220×240 / 50×60

140×200 / 200×200 / 60×63

150×200 / 200×200/ 220×240 / 50×60

140×200 / 200×200 / 220×240 / 60×70

140×200 / 200×200 / 220×240 / 50×70

140×200 / 200×200 / 50×70

140×200 / 200×200 / 220×240 /  50×70 / 65×65

150×200 / 200×200 / 220×240 / 50×70

Czech Republic
140×200 / 200×200 / 50×60

140×200 / 200×200 / 65×65 / 80×80

International bedding sizes

For customers located in Great Britain, USA, Canada and Australia we’ve made a size chart below where you can see which Midnatt-product is the closest to your bed- or pillow size. 

90×200 cm35×79″≈ UK, US, EU & AUS TWIN/SINGLE
105×200 cm41×79″≈ UK SUPER SINGLE
120×200 cm47×79″≈ UK SMALL DOUBLE
140×200 cm55×79″≈ UK, US, EU & AUS DOUBLE/FULL
160×200 cm63×79″≈ UK/EU KING/US & AUS QUEEN
180×200 cm/260×260 cm (Flat sheet)71×79″/102″≈ UK SUPER KING/EU GRAND KING/US & AUS KING

International pillow sizes

For customers located in Great Britain, USA, Canada and Australia we’ve made a size chart below where you can see which Midnatt-product is the closest to your bed- or pillow size. 

50×60 cm ≈ 20×26″US STANDARD: 50×65 cm
50×70 cm≈ 20×30″UK OXFORD/US QUEEN: 50×75 cm
65×65 cm= 26×26″UK SQUARE/US SQUARE: 65×65 cm
50×90 cm= 20×36″UK SUPER KING/US KING: 50×90 cm

Can’t you find your country in the list or do you look for a different size? We constantly develop our assortment. Please drop us a line with your request and we will be in touch.