Best bedside lamps

We wanted to help you find the most beautiful bedside lamps for your bedroom. So we turned to our customers for inspiration. We found everything from minimalistic wall lights that are perfect for reading in bed. As well as beautiful showpiece lamps, that ad as much style, as light to the bedroom. So without further ado, here are the best bedside lamps we could find.

1. Great contrast between the bohemian interior and this strict floor lamp. Photo by @studioandrewtrotter.

2. A simple white table lamp fits perfect in this monochrome bedroom. Photo by @femkebuningh.

3. Cheers to this beautiful art-lamp combo. Photo by @fannyekstrand.

4. We are definitely stealing this great idea from @fannyhaag. Who doesn’t want to fall asleep under a flying, sparkling ship?

5. We can’t get enough of pleated lampshades. Photo by @amvalland / @nicoleslantgard.

6. This is actually the best solution for perfect bedroom lighting. A pointed wall lamp for reading and a pretty table lamp for ambience. Want to see more of Brita Zackari’s inspiring bedroom, read our full story here. Photo by Mikael Lundblad.

7. Who knew a disco ball was the perfect bedside lamp? Photo by @amvalland / @nicoleslantgard.

8. Architect Axel Wolgers is a master at lighting. We love this cozy set up. Read the whole story about his and his wife Rachel Bodros Wolgers home here. Photo by Mikael Lundblad.

9. Nothing is cooler than the home of Angelica Svanström. Read the full story here. Photo by Mikael Lundblad.

10. This is another example of combining both good reading light and coziness. Photo by @suvim_valkoinenharmaja.

11. Minimalistic and functional lighting at its best. Photo by @idalauga.

12. For a single bed, when you only need one bedside lamp, this lamp from Ferm Living is just perfect. Photo by @stinaninnas.

13. This bedside lamp is just perfection on a wall. Photo by @kvart_joanna.

14. Architect Elin Carlsten chose these beautiful globe lamps for her bedroom, giving it the metropolitan glamour.

15. This wall lamp from Hay is a bedside favorite. Photo by @idalauga.

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