Alva Herdevall & Anders Rydell

The author duo Alva Herdevall and Anders Rydell took a detour via the archipelago life they thought they wanted before finding their place to breathe in a cultural landscape outside Uppsala.

That 70s show

Our latest campaign was shoot in the stunning 70s house of fashion designer Frida Billegren. We sat down with her to talk about wooden dreams and perfect architecture.

Best wall colors for your bedroom

In this month’s list, we’ve gathered some fantastic wall paint inspiration for your bedroom. What looks best, and what shades make us sleep better? Midnatt’s customers have all the answers.

A well-steamed campaign

We’ve had the great pleasure of being interpreted by newly graduated photographer Kajsa Svensson and stylist Julia Losciale.

Best DIY headboards

Building a headboard is one of the easiest DIY projects you can take on. Here are the best tips and ideas for headboards you make yourself with fabric, wood, and paint.

Emelie Sundberg

Photographer, stylist and podcaster Emelie Sundberg might not be a morning person, but she sure knows how to create a cozy vibe.

Fanny Schultz

This weekend, we jump in bed, read about cats, and eat croissants with Inez, 2, and the dog Harry. We also talk to their illustrator and artist-mom Fanny Schultz about…

Julia Glanzelius

Julia Glanzelius is the inspiring garden architect behind the prodigious Instagram account Glanzelius Garden. She lives in Ålsten, Bromma with her husband…

Josephine Blix

This time we are sneaking around behind the curtains of Midnatt’s co-founder Josephine Blix, learning how to nest from a tiny master of coziness and…

Linda Ring

Thanks to artisanal bread artist Linda Ring we’ve just realized that bread can be so much more than just… breakfast. It can be a piece of art, something you can…

Midnatt styled by Emelie Sundberg

We love to see our bedding in its right habitat, and we always aim to create true inspiration and honest content. What could be more honest than a campaign in a real home…

Marina Peterson

Former Midnatt co-worker Marina Peterson is a real treasure hunter. With a tremendous talent to find the perfect objects she turned her small nook south of Stockholm into a…

Micis & Clara – Part IV

It’s time for part four in our summer series of breakfast trays. As you probably know by now, we teamed up with Micis and Clara Öhrn to squeeze the best breakfast recipes out of their hands…

Karin Eriksson

Late night swims, facial yoga, swiss rolls and grandpa’s hotel brekkie. We were lucky enough to invite ourselves over to the idyllic cabin by…

Siri Barje

You might know her as Olive Hummer on Instagram. Her real name is Siri Barje – queen of wild, green easy peasy food. No lousy diets, painful detoxes or…

Fanny Ekstrand

Podcaster, blogger and bag designer Fanny Ekstrand sure knows how to make a fashion statement. Her bedroom is not an exception. Open windows and total darkness make her […]

Elsa Kugelberg

She’s the speechwriter of Swedish politician Birgitta Ohlsson and expert on foreign affairs. Political writer Elsa Kugelberg sleeps on a bed of nails while practicing German and listening to […]

On set with Midnatt Mini 2017

”We gathered the cutest group of rascals to help us capture the essence of our kids label Midnatt Mini.” You know that our soft organic bed sets are […]

Midnatt Autumn Campaign 2017

”When planning Midnatt’s first collection shoot we obviously called her up immediately.” We’ve always admired the arty pictures created by Stockholm based stylist Josefin Hååg. Not least her […]

Katarina Matsson

ELLE Sweden’s Content Director, Katarina Matsson, is a bad sleeper. Despite that she is quick in the morning. And if the sun is shining, so is she. She lives in…