Frida Lund’s party school 

We know many of you have upcoming celebrations this season. So we asked (W)in(e)fluencer, ELLE-blogger, podcaster, and cookbook author Frida Lund to answer some dos and don’ts when throwing a big party. Read, learn, dance!

Dinner on Amorgós with Micis & Clara Öhrn

You are in for a treat when our favorite foodies, Sturehof chef Micis and lifestyle Journalist Clara Öhrn, are serving mussels with fennel and Ouzo on their home away from home island in Aegan Sea.

Magda Marnell

Nighttime kombucha cravings, natural facelifts Hollywood style, and cottagecore family life within a legacy of 300 years. This weekend we are visiting the stunning country house of fashion Designer Magda Marnell.