Asabea Britton

Our favorite reproductive health educator and viral midwife Asabea Britton is not on the lazy side, writing her third book and baking her third child as we speak. Despite that, she did let us peek through the door of her baby blue bedroom, where she counts her blessings every night.

My house: 

An apartment in a hilly area in the southern part of Stockholm 

We live here: 

Myself, 34, my husband Amat, 36 and our two sons who are 2 and soon to be 5 years old. 

What I do: 

I’m a midwife working in a youth center and antenatal care at the moment. I also help women with birth trauma and fear of giving birth. I also work with my social media, specifically instagram. And I’ve written two books so I guess I can call myself an author too. 

Tuesday evening ends at:

50/50 chance of me falling asleep when it’s my turn to put them to bed, so then it’s at 7.30 pm. But if I manage to stay awake or my husband manages to wake me, I’ll go to bed around 11 pm. 

Before turning out the lights, you always:

Wash away my makeup, brush my teeth, and check that the door is locked. 

Who/what are sharing your bed:

Always at least one of my sons, sometimes both, sometimes my husband. At least part of the night …

Normally you sleep in:

Naked or in panties and a t-shirt. 

The last dream you remember:

That’s a secret 🙂

On your night stand we will probably find:

Lots of completely random stuff that doesn’t need to be there. But mainly books. 

Your best tip for a good night sleep would be:

Put your phone away. Meditate yourself to sleep, scan the body and how it feels, notice the breath and either keep focusing on that or count your blessings until you fall asleep. 

Your evening beauty routine includes:

Take my time washing away makeup with my cotton cloth pads. Then, put on a serum on my skin and my lashes. Or I’ll put on a night mask. And brush my teeth, obviously. 

This keeps you sleepless at night:

I sleep well, actually but if I’m up, it’s because I’ve fallen asleep way too early when putting the kids to bed, so I have gotten my 8 hours and am ready to go around 4 am. Making me fall asleep with them the next night too!

Instead of counting sheep you:

I either listen to a podcast, or an audiobook or daydream about the next day or I just soak in the wonderful feeling of getting to lie in bed and relax. That last one is the best way to get me to fall asleep, but usually I choose the first one.  

The best thing about your bedroom :

I love the soothing blue color here; it really relaxes me. The second place is my huge comfy bed. 

Your best midnight snack:

I’m a chocolate girl all day—preferably Tony’s salted caramel milk chocolate. 

Tuesday morning starts at: 

Every day usually starts at 6 am because that’s when my kids’ inner alarm clock is set at. It used to be 5 am so we’re pretty happy with 6 am actually. 

“My husband makes me breakfast on my birthday, and he usually buys an entire buffé that I rarely manage to eat.”

Asabea Britton
Your alarm sounds like: 

“Mom! Get up! Get up! Get uuuuuup!”. 

The first thing you see when you open your eyes are:

One of my sons often lies next to me. 

Your morning mood could be described as:

Generally really good. I’m a morning person I would say. I’m good to go as long as I get my coffee and at least a moment or two of peace in the morning. I’d say I’m most energetic in the morning. 

A normal breakfast would be like:

Two “Finncrisp” (hard bread for you non swedes) with cheese, cucumber, salt and lemon black pepper. With that, I’ll have a large glass of water and a homemade cortado. 

Your birthday breakfast should be like:

My husband makes me breakfast on my birthday, and he usually buys an entire buffé that I rarely manage to eat. But it will contain cake, obviously, some cold cuts, croissants, juice and coffee. 

Your morning beauty routine includes:

Depends on the day and what mood I’m in. I’m kind of all or nothing. Sometimes I want to go all out with makeup with really colorful eyes or lips, but I’d say I usually just go for cc cream, cream blush, and mascara when it comes to makeup. Regarding skin care, that varies as well, usually, I’ll wash my face, and use a serum and a day cream that can really moisturize. I could say I also always use SPF but that would be a lie. 

A dreamy weekend morning could be like:

My kids sleep in until 9 am, but my husband and I wake up at 8am. I make my delicious cup of coffee and my favorite breakfast and have that on my sofa in front of the TV close to my husband without anyone wanting anything from us or interrupting. A moment of peace and quiet before my kids run up and come to cuddle with us. 

My dos and don’ts when making the bed:

You are asking the wrong person. I can feel proud if I am even bothered to make the bed. I am super lazy about some things, which is one of them, even though I love to come home to a made bed. 

Also, we just have to ask, will there be another book? Or do you have any other upcoming projects to tell us about? 

I’m writing another book as we speak. It’s stressing me out at the moment because it’s so much work and so little time. But I know it will be worth it in the end. I have yet to say what it will be about, but it is due next year. 

And.. What is your most frequent question in Instagram DM?

“Where did you buy that xxx?” Lol 

Text by: Josephine Blix
Styling by: Ida Lauga
Photo by: Mikael Lundblad

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