Wanda the van

Published: 9 August, 2019

”You really don’t need eight plates or ten different shirts when it comes down to it.”

How about waking up to chirping birds, choosing whatever bedroom view you like and let the wave forecast determine where to roll? This summer Midnatt hit the road in the company of @WandatheVan and its surfer-hooked owners Louisa Moberg and Albin Westling.

During vacation, the nomad-lifestyle may appear tempting. The couple Louisa Moberg and Albin Westling implemented that dream a few years ago when they bought and rebuilt a van into a tiny vacation home on wheels. We wanted to know their compact living- hacks, how to charge for a day among waves and their favorite coastal roads.

Before turning off the lights:
We set the alarm and watch tomorrow morning’s wave report.

Best tip for a good night’s sleep:
Turn everything off, silence is crucial. Light some candles and focus on breathing. Afterward, take a hot shower (if you have one! Wanda doesn’t). Then jump to bed with a good book and no cellphones around. Try to minimize the blue light as much as possible.

Evening beauty routine:
We brush our teeth properly and rinse our faces with water to get rid of all the salt. Then – moisturizer.

Favorite bedroom feature:
That we always can choose our bedroom view! One day we wake up and the ocean is the panorama from our open backdoors. The next day it could be the woods, in company of singing birds.

Wednesday morning starts:
Hopefully with some surf if the waves are good. If not, a morning walk to explore the nature around. Then, a slow breakfast.

Our alarm sounds like:
Singing birds.

The first thing I see:
Our surfboards that hang in the ceiling.

Everyday breakfast:
Porridge made of oats topped with cinnamon and apples and at least two cups of coffee.

Birthday breakfast:
A fresh smoothie and a sugar bun. Or pancakes with maple syrup.

Best breakfast spot along the road:
The bakery” Au Fournil de la Licorne” in Biarritz in southern France. Buy an almond croissant and a cappuccino. Sit by the ocean, see the sun slowly rise and wait for the waves to get magnificent. When the waves are kicking in, jump into the ocean and enjoy a two-hour long surf session with glassy waves. Afterward, eat a second breakfast.

Morning beauty routine:
Splashing the face with cold water. Lenses in, some moisturizer and then sit by the ocean with a cup of coffee.

Favorite route:
Since we love the sea our trips mostly goes along the coast. Louisa has roots in Skåne, so Österlen has a special place in our hearts. We can highly recommend road nr 9 which passes Brösarps Backar and leads you down to picturesque Simrishamn. Make some stops along the way, search for vintage treasures on the flea markets or look into a local artist studio filled with ceramics or paintings. Drive through Kivik and have a look at the apple orchards at Kiviks Äppelmusteri.” Stenshuvud” Nationalpark is a good tip if you want to enjoy nature for a while.

One coast no one should miss:
We can recommend the 260km strip of coastline between the French and Spanish border, The Bay of Biscay. Enjoy the Basque Country with a magical view over the Atlantic ocean on one side, and the beautiful fields of grazing sheep and horses on the other side of the road. Magnificent! If you are a foodie, cross the border to Spain and go to San Sebastian. This 1100-century city has many gems with world-class food. You will not get disappointed!

Also, we just have to ask… how is it to live in six square meters?
It is truly a ”compact living” story. We have pretty much everything we need during our trips (no toilet or shower but it works wonderfully anyway). Our best tip when you want to build a tiny home is to plan everything in detail before you even start to renovate. Think about what your primary purpose is with the space. Make a list of everything you think is essential to have and be merciless. You really don’t need eight plates or ten different shirts when it comes down to it. The mobile, simpler and minimalistic lifestyle we have during our summer trips truly defines freedom for us.

Words by: Antonia af Petersens

Images by: Louisa Moberg & Albin Westling



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