She made our Christmas cards (and our logo)!

Published: December 12th, 2019

”In Midnatt’s Christmas workshop the gift kits are prepared, one by one. We had a quick chat with Swedish art director and artist Josefin Tolstoy who has painted this years’ Christmas cards.”

What’re your thoughts behind his year’s Christmas card?

I wanted to work on Midnatt’s beautiful color scheme and mood in abstract designs. It resulted in one slightly more colorful and playful variant and one calmer with graphic lines.

You have also designed Midnatt’s graphic profile – how did you think when you made our logotype?

I wanted to create a logo with simple and clear typography that felt juvenescent and modern but at the same time has an expression that will last for long. I think the result works well, especially in combination with the moderately playful moon.

What do you prefer to eat for Christmas Eve?

I prefer to eat müsli every day, but exceptionally, on Christmas Eve I join the children’s Christmas joy and eat rice pudding topped with cinnamon. I used to cook it myself for the first few years, but it has now been out-competed by the one you buy ”ready to squeeze and eat” from the store.

Words by: Antonia af Petersens

Images by: Helén Pe & Josephine Blix


  • paslakan-london-midnatt_1000x1170px

    Vagga & Spjälsäng – London

    350 SEK400 SEK Välj alternativ
  • paslakan-enkel-london-midnatt_1167px

    Påslakan London

    600 SEK950 SEK Välj alternativ
  • orngott-grupp-50x60-london-midnatt_1170px

    Örngott London

    200 SEK300 SEK Välj alternativ
  • 20% lakan-london-midnatt_1_1000px

    Dra på-lakan London

    360 SEK440 SEK Välj alternativ