On a cold November night - Cancelled event = extra treats!

Published: November 12th, 2020

The challenging times we are all in together are taking a new turn, and the festivities that were supposed to take place in our Stockholm showroom this evening will have to wait. ”A night in November” with candlelight shopping, tea testing, and flower workshopping is undoubtedly not the same if you can not taste the hot brewed tea or tie the actual bouquet of fresh flowers together. We know! But considering the circumstances, the second-best thing will have to do for now.

As a little teaser on what’s to come when the time is ready, we asked Florist Anna Wedin and Tea maker Beatrice Garvey from We B Tea to share some easy hacks (and some special offers) with us.

Anna, you were supposed to host a long-awaited flower workshop at our place this evening. We are drooling over your arrangements and hunger for the right Christmas vibe at home … So maybe you can give us a little advice on what to think about while putting a beautiful contemporary winter bouquet together?

– For me, it is crucial to think about contrasts when making a bouquet, both in color and shape of the flowers. I usually work with a centerpiece, a queen, who steals more attention than the others. To lift the queen further and to create harmony, I place something long that strives upwards and something small-flowered by her side to embrace her. Work carefully with your choice of colors, harmonize or contrast them so that the bouquet gets interesting. 

What kind of flowers will decorate your home this season? 

– I will surround myself with seasonal beauties like Amaryllis, Tulips, Ranunculus, and Anemones. The Flowers seasonal change is why I love my profession.

Beatrice! Pots, cups, and some pretty excellent teas were all packed for an educational and warming tea tasting this cold November eve. When the tasting has to wait, how about you giving us a first step to making a perfect cup of evening tea?

– As you know, We B Tea are on a mission to bring tea to its rightful glory! What we noticed is that a lot of people brew their tea incorrectly. So, at the moment, we are so passionate about educating how to brew your tea to perfection! We always talk about the 3 essentials when brewing tea.

1. Water
– Different types of tea require different water temperatures. For example – green tea should not be touched by water warmer than 80c°. Even if it feels tedious and unnecessary, check the brewing instructions on the back of your tea package. This is a crucial step to achieve tea perfection.

2. Amount of tea leaves
– Depending on the quality of tea, we notice that many people use too much tea leaves when it comes to brewing our We B Tea. Comparative to water, think approximately two teaspoons to 3 dl of water. AND make sure to rebrew your We B Tea leaves at least one more time warm or two times cold brew.

3. Brewing time
– Whatever you do, don’t forget your tea while brewing! Depending on what kind of tea you are making, the tea leaves require different brewing time. Green tea should, for example, not be brewed longer than 3 minutes per brew.

What blend will you be sipping on during the upcoming winter holidays? 

– We are actually launching a new gift box called ”Christmas Moment” and this box is filled with four delicious teas reminding us about the jolly season we are about to enter. You’ll soon be able to pre-order it on www.webtea.co, it will be the perfect Christmas treat! 

Thank you so much Anna and Beatrice! If we were to ask ourselves for a sleep-friendly Novembery/Decembery hack, the answer is always: a lot of pillows, fluffy duvets, and beautiful organic cotton bedding…!

To ease the disappointment of tonight’s cancellation, we’ve teamed up to treat you to some special offers.

Midnatt offers you a 15 % discount on all orders. Use code ANOVEMBERNIGHT at checkout. The code is valid today, 12/11, until midnight (Swedish time).

We B Tea will give you a 15 % discount on all orders. Use code ANOVEMBERNIGHT at checkout. The code will be valid today, 12/11, from 6 pm until midnight (Swedish time).

Anna Wedin offers 10 % off all flower orders placed today 12/11. Please note that fresh flowers are only available in Stockholm. Dried arrangements are possible to send out to other destinations. Send her a DM to order @annawedin and use code FLOWERS10.

Words by: Josephine Blix

Images by: Anna Wedin & Beatrice Garvey



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