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Published: 25 maj, 2018

”…there is always a tea that suits every person, season and time of the day.”

From the very first moment we saw Cool Miss Green, Mellow Mr. Bloom, Daring Dorothy and their friends at the shop shelf we wanted to make acquaintance with these tasteful characters. Preferably around a fireplace at the English countryside. Now we collaborate with Dear Tea Society to give you an organic tea packed in beautiful book-like boxes when you shop for more than 500 SEK. Put the kettle on and in the meantime read why co-founder Catrin Rudling wants to make a tea revolution.

Hi Catrin! You are a Certified Tea Sommelier. Tell us – what’s best with tea?
The variety of aromas and flavors and the good feeling for both body and mind that arises from drinking quality tea. I often receive the question – which tea is the most healthy? There is no such thing as a single most healthy tea – but there is always a tea that suits every person, season, time of the day etc. If you start to explore all six tea types, you will soon discover your favorites, and you will be able to sense which tea is most suitable and healthy for you at any given time.

We’ve heard that Dear Tea Society’s goal is to make a ”tea revolution,” what does that mean?
By that we mean that we want to show people how good, high quality, whole leaf organic teas taste, completely natural. We also want to be very transparent from plant to cup – purchasing tea as direct as possible for the benefit of both the farmers and the end consumers.

To all coffee addicts – which type of tea could replace the morning cup and still give that energizing kick we all crave?
In the wintertime, I would recommend a tea that represents the element of fire, i.e., that both warms you and enhances your mood which is a black tea or a dark oolong tea. A nice thing in winter is to steep your tea with spices like cardamom, a cinnamon stick, clove and maybe a sip of fresh orange juice. If you do not need the strong caffeine/theine kick and want to start your day a bit softer and stay in your relaxed mood, I would recommend a white tea, which will make you alert but not jittery.

Any big no-nos when it comes to tea drinking?
It’s not rocket science to prepare a great cup of tea, but one should pay attention to details and play with the natural parameters correctly. Take about 2 g high-quality tea for a 2 dl cup; great tasting, PH neutral water (tea is 99% water so choose with care), correct water temperature and to steep long enough – but not too long. Also cover your tea while it’s steeping with a lid, to prevent all the subtle aromas from escaping. Ask for steeping recommendations in the shop where you buy your teas. One key to remember is that if you are sensitive to tannins (bitter compounds) lower both the water temperature and steeping time will result in a rounder cup, regardless of the tea type!

Earnest Earl, Cool Miss Green, Witty Cheries, Mellow Mr Bloom and Daring Dorothy – your tea blends are named after their characteristics. With who would you like to share a cup?
If I have to choose one I would say Witty Cheries. It’s a minimum processed white tea with subtle aromas of cherries. It’s a great tea both hot and cold, and it is delicious, especially in spring. Try to pair it with a creamy marzipan pastry for an extra treat.

There are all sorts of studies showing that the morning is a critical time that can set the tone for the entire day. How do you prefer to start yours?
Even if I get up early which I (always) do since I am a yogi, my mornings are sacred and stress-free. I light candles, prepare a nice tea according to the season and think positive thoughts on how grateful I am for yet another good day ahead. I would also recommend eating something with your tea – a small sandwich or some oatmeal.

Want to get your hands on one of Dear Tea Society’s teas? Shop for more than 500 SEK in our web shop and we’ll make sure you get one with your order. Offer is valid while supplies last. Happy shopping and tea sipping!

Words by: Antonia af Petersens

Images by: Mikael Lundblad and Dear Tea Society.



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