A guide to Stockholm in summer

Published: 6 july, 2018

”From early misty morning to bright clear midnight. These are the spots where you’ll find us this summer.”

Midnatt has grown a lot during this first year and when we come to think about it we have retailers in many of Sweden’s most beautiful summer spots. So we decided to ask some of these well selected stores about their own summer must do’s around their hoods.

In this first part of the series we’re focusing on Stockholm. Guided by Mimmi Staaf, owner of the shop with the same name, and Anders Widegren, one of two owners of Tambur. Both stores are Midnatt retailers and well worth a visit.

A guide to Mimmi Staaf’s Stockholm

Mimmi Staafs möbelmakeri, shop
Our interior shop sells both hand picked products and remake furniture, all with a modern, light and nordic feeling. It’s situated in the Stockholm suburb of Midsommarkransen which is an up and coming neighborhood filled with hipster families and creative entrepreneurs.

Gällnö, island
This is a small island in the Stockholm archipelago about 1,5 hours on boat from Strandvägen in Stockholm City. We are going there this summer for the first time, staying at Gällnö Vandrarhem. We are renting a small “sleeping wagon” in which there is basically just a bed, and you can flip open one of the walls. Outside the wagon cows are roaming… Maybe not the dream for everyone, but we are so much looking forward to easy life in nature!

Vintervikens trädgård, community garden
A community of allotments where they also have a garden and a café to visit. It’s just wonderful and I love to go there in the afternoon, after taking a swim a few minutes away in Vinterviken at the place called Örnberget. People and dogs of mixed ages hang out on the jetty, talking and swimming. I love the atmosphere there!

Hermans, restaurant
Maybe one of Stockholms first really good vegetarian/vegan restaurants. I rediscovered it this spring with my mother, and am now longing for my next visit. You pay a fixed price, get a plate and eat from a wonderful buffet. The location is a dream: Evening sun, high on the mountains of Södermalm, with view over Stockholms islands.

A guide to Anders Widegren’s Stockholm

Tambur, shop
At Tambur we have the ambition to create an inspiring space were the feeling is more of coming home, than walking into a regular store. All items are carefully selected and put in a context. The curated mix of products comes from leading international brands, as well as local craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

Långholmen, island
Stockholm is a city built on several small islands. Between two of the most densely populated ones, Kungsholmen and Södermalm, is the small island of Långholmen. In the earlier days the island housed a prison for the city’s most notorious criminals. The prison is now transformed into a hotel and restaurant, and the island also has a beach, and several small hiking trails. Långholmen offers a calm retreat from the citys pulse.

Stockholm under stjärnorna, rooftop park
This is a newly opened rooftop park at Brunkebergstorg with panoramic views of the city skyline. The park extends over several roofs with an total area of over 1,200 square meters. It’s the perfect place to hang out after a day spent shopping in the city! On-site there are three separate kitchens, and several bars.

Teatern, food court
Teatern is a modern food court at Ringen Centrum, near Skanstull and about a 15 minute walk from our store. The place combines fine cuisine with popular food-court dining. With a sleek interior and world-class fast food from some of Sweden’s best-known restaurateurs, this is the perfect spot for a lunch break.



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