A guide to Skåne in summer

Published: 1 august, 2018

”Let’s go as far out south as we possibly can on the mainland of Sweden.”

Midnatt has grown a lot during this first year and when we come to think about it we have retailers in many of Sweden’s most beautiful summer spots. So we decided to ask some of these well selected stores about their own summer must do’s around their hoods.

Where tomatoes taste sweeter, beaches are wider and good falafels affordable. Let’s go as far out south as we possibly can on the mainland of Sweden. Let’s go to Skåne. Julia Malmgren from Butiken Höganäs on Kullahalvön and Felix Butler from Grandpa concept store in the city of Malmö will guide us with steady hands.

A guide to Julia Malmgren’s Skåne

Butiken, shop
Butiken is a multi brand shop with well selected fashion and interior design, but also fresh flowers, pots and vases. Midnatt is obviously a part of the assortment. Butiken is situated in Magasin 36 in Höganäs which is a natural stopover in any visit to Kullabygden.

Magasin 36, marketplace
This is where you find our store among many other nice shops, cafes, lunch restaurants and of course the splendid foodmarket Höganäs Saluhall by Eva Dahlberg and David Mill who also run the Grand Hotel in Mölle. In this area you’ll also find the burger bar Garage and Kullabygdens Vanilj och choklad, who make really nice ice cream and pralines.

Holy Smoke BBQ, restaurant
In Brunnby (right after Krapperup) you will find Holy Smoke during the day. They make a great interpretation on American barbecue with their own smoked meat and local drinks. As close to Texas as you can get in Sweden.

Rusthållargården, hotel
A wonderful hotel and restaurant overlooking the port of Arild. If you are planning on staying the night this is a really good option. It’s very cozy and they also have nice spa. When the weather allows they serve food on the rooftop terrace.

A guide to Felix Butler’s Skåne

Grandpa, shop
Masters of stylish yet effortless lifestyle and experts of relaxed street parties! With four stores around Sweden’s biggest cities, Grandpa Malmö is the newcomer (opened last spring). The store is located in a historic building where we offer the same blended assortment as in our other Grandpa stores. We also dare to say that this is our finest store yet. Welcome by!

Far i Hatten, bar
A Cozy bar in Folkets Park, Malmö, with a nice groove and urban buzz. The food follows the season with ingredients from local devoted producers and peasants. In the wood oven they make pizzas that can also be ordered for pickup.

Sandhammaren, beach
This beautiful beach on Österlen is renowned for its dunes and perfect, squeaky sand. Go for a swim, you won’t get disappointed.

Söderåsen, national park
In the national park, east of Helsingborg, you’ll find deciduous forests, powerful ravines and high cliffs. Go explore deep canyons and crystal clear streams! You might also consider coming back here for a hike in May when the Beech trees bloom.

Images by: GrandpaButiken, Höganäs saluhall/Magasin 36, Holy Smoke, RusthållaregårdenGrandpaFar i hattenSandhammaren (Foto:Olaf Meister), Söderåsen (Foto: Fredrik Lähnn).



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